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shell cordovan toscana 

hand crafted in Italy

One of a kind boutique tannery from Toscana, Italia. 
We produce and distribute finest slow vegetable tanned horse leathers since 1982.
Our signature leather articles are shell cordovan and avancorpo.

shell cordovan grease treat

all our leathers are 100% hand crafted in Italy

the tanning drum

we use old-fashioned wooden drums for tanning

raw hides

we have the biggest in Europe warehouse of raw horse hides

leather press

we still make major part of work by hands

The tannery works with slow vegetable tanned horse leathers only and produce the following range of the finest leathers:
Shell cordovan. Wide range of colours and sizes;
Avancorpo. Single Horse fronts in 1.2 - 1.6 mm thickness range;
Culatta (horse rumps) in various colours and thickness range;
Double shell cordovan in 1.5 - 2.0 mm thick; 

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leathers / shell cordovan

Shell cordovan (or cordovan) is a rare, world-famous leather made of a specific layer of skin - "cordovan". The cordovan layer exists only in equine hides and has its maximum thickness on the rump area. One horse hide can yield only two small oval pieces of cordovan - two shells.

The "holy grail" of leathers, shell cordovan is the hardest natural wearing material in the world. Due to its high density, it is naturally water and stretch resistant; it ripples instead of creasing.

Our shell cordovan leather is vegetable tanned only and produced in Italy.

The tannery located in the Toscana region. An excellent set of air, water, and soft climate makes this region the best for leather tanning. 

No animals died for leather production, only by natural reasons or for meat. Our leathers are byproduct of a meat industry.

shell cordovan color range

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avancorpo leathers

leathers / avancorpo glazed

Avancorpo [Single Horse Fronts] leather is stunning material due to its 100% natural character, durability, stiffness and unique look.

We use slow tanning processes, full tanning cycle takes 30-45 days. Tanned hides are being greased, dyed, ironed and glazed for an incredible and reach glow.

Full grain leather – the top layer - the strongest and stiffest part of a skin – each hide has its own history.

Your avancorpo products will mature, become darker and get unique patina.

leathers / avancorpo pullup

Avancorpo [Single Horse Fronts] leather in pullup version is the fabulous and very unique article with glorious and reach pullup effect.

Based on classic slow vegetable tanned horse leather, it's being specially treated with the blend of the finest quality waxes and greases.

When you pull or bend this article, colour is changing to lighter tone because of the oils are moving around.

Avancorpo pullup has natural matt shine without any pigments or varnishes used. Full grain leather – the top layer - the strongest and stiffest part of skin – each hide has its own history.

pull up leather sample
burgundy pull up leather

avancorpo pullup is the unique leather article

pull up leather colours

pullup colours range: burgundy, natural, navy, black, green

shell cordovan wine sample

despite of aniline we use the wine and other natural dyes 

shell cordovan flesh side

artisans worldwide use our shell cordovan leather

 we usually try a new patterns and textures

embossed shell cordovan collaboration

we support the best leather goods
producers from around the world:


our Instagram @shellcordovan is worldwide famous

Rocado s.r.l.
Sede Legale: VIA BELLINI, 35,
EMPOLI (FI) Toscana
50053 Italy
P IVA 06133940483

Monday to Friday: 09 am to 06 pm 
Web shop: 24/7

T: +39.346.5716506

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