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shell cordovan toscana 

hand crafted in Italy

Our tannery located in Tuscan countryside among the olive trees and truffle hills.
Unique tuscan leather tanning traditions are mixed with the craftsmanship, incredible nature and people's passion.
We have absorbed all stories, the heritage of past, reinterpreted tanning traditions and adapted this abundance to the modern reality.

We have supplied other leather producers and tanneries for almost 30 years before our own brand has appeared


Toscana is the best place for leather manufacturing. The ideal blend of air, water, climate and craftsmanship are the keystones to the success.

We operatethe largest warehouse of raw hides in Europe. We supply from the most confident European meat manufacturers. 


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We tan our leathers in old-fashioned wooden tanning drums, each of them is older than 50 years. Slow tanning lasts 30-45 days.

When tanning is finished, we dry and grease the leather. After these processes, we leave the leather to “rest” which is a very important step.

we love our tannery

shell cordovan

This is the milestone where shell cordovan literally starts. Culatta in the crust is the source material for the further production of a shell cordovan.

We flatten and shave each culatta individually. Only high skilled workers can make this important step. We blurred this process to hide some special secrets.


When double shells in crust are ready for finishing - we can start re-tan by high-quality grease and oils. Each shell is re-tanned manually.

We use 100% natural aniline dyes individually applied by hands. We never use pigments or other artificial "plastic feel" covers.

our glazing machine is quite old-fashioned, but still very good

shell cordovan

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shell cordovan leather

Not many of you know that this flesh side of a shell cordovan is literally the grain side of original culatta.
We exclusively split our shell cordovan to uniform thickness of either 1,8-2,0 mm / 4-5oz or 1,5 mm / 3,5oz.
No other tanneries offer this.

We launched our logo and new brand less than three years ago. Today shell cordovan Made in Toscana, Italia - one of the most trusted and well-known shell cordovan brand on the planet.
We constantly improve our technologies to meet the highest expectations of our customers worldwide.