shell cordovan black (MTO)

50€ | 56$ per ft²

leather type: high quality genuine leather;
tanning: vegetable tanned, vacchetta;
animal: horse;
substance: 1.6 mm or 4.0oz

Shell cordovan (or cordovan) is a vegetable tanned, world-famous leather made of a specific layer of horsehide - "cordovan". Cordovan can be found only in equine leather and, speaking scientifically, its nature is closer to cartilage than to skin. Cordovan is made by shaving tanned horse rumps. One horse rump yields only two oval pieces of cordovan - two shells, we never know what area we can work out of each rump: sometimes shells are large, other times they are small.
We ask maximum 4 weeks for the MTO items production and then we ship them to the customers.
If your order contain MTO articles along with the stock products, please let us know would you prefer them to be shipped when the entire order will be ready or separately (additional shipping costs will be charged in that case).



ease of cutting




Article _ _ _ _ _ _ SHELL CORDOVAN
Tanning_ _ _ _ _ _ Vegetable, Vacchetta
Finish_ _ _ _ _ _ Aniline with greasing, aniline, mechanically glazed
Face_ _ _ _ _ _ extremely tight surface with deep colour variations and reach shine
Underside____ _ _ polished, unfinished
Thickness _ _ _ _ _ _ 1.6mm or 4oz
Density _ _ _ _ _ _ 9/10
Feeling _ _ _ _ _ _  tight, durable, greasy
Aroma _ _ _ _ _ _ light, pleasant
Patina _ _ _ _ _ _ rich patina formed from the first days
Raw hides source _____No horse is killed for its skin. The raw hides that we use are the by-products of the food industry.

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